About Us

It is important for you to feel your best.

Life is busy.  Nobody has time for aches, pains or symptoms that rob us of fulfilling days and feeling our best.  And yet, we’re so busy that we put up with not feeling our best for too long, in the hopes that it will “go away”.

Everything from headaches and sciatica to recurrent infections and fatigue have an underlying cause. We are experts at  finding that cause, and removing it so you don’t just FEEL better, you ARE better. Our patients only want to take medications when it is absolutely necessary, understanding that covering their symptoms often leads to further issues down the road. They want to feel their best in as natural a way as possible. The most common thing we hear is:

“I wish I hadn’t waited so long to feel better.”

If you have never been to a chiropractor before, you are likely nervous. That makes good sense, you don’t know us yet and this is new. We are committed to making you feel comfortable and answering all of your questions before even beginning our examination. 

Are you worried that once you see a chiropractor you will have to go forever?

Not in our office. How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic is always up to you. 

The doctors have raised their 2 active boys using the principles of staying healthy naturally. Chiropractic has been a very important part of keeping them all healthy and off medications. They have a deep belief in everyone’s ability to heal and stay healthy. You will notice that as soon as you meet them.

Whether you have symptoms that are keeping you from feeling your best, or want to achieve optimum health and wellness, we will ensure your care is personalized and effective.

A few other Pure-Health conveniences:

  • Open Saturdays and early mornings
  • Multi-discilinary clinic- all the professionals you need under one roof!
  • Easy to find-on the corner of Oxford and Adelaide in the Palasad Plaza
  • Patient Centered with a focus on self care
  • Free accessible parking and on major bus routes
  • We do our best to find same day appointments for those in need
  • Meet our amazing team!
  • Covenient ONLINE BOOKING
  • Serving London and surrunding areas for over 25 years!

Dr. Laina Shulman and  Dr. Jamie Neely,

Co-founders of Pure Health:

A suitable description of my recovery would be “a miracle”. I was experiencing extreme pain in my neck, radiating down my arm including a numb hand. The pain was barely tolerable with excessive prescription pain medication. The pressure on my neck felt like my head was a cement block. Due to the unending pain-day to day- life was truly miserable. I was exhausted from the pain and my coping ability was depleted. After a month and half of intensive treatment, the difference was incredible! I was able to discontinue pain medication. Days are once again enjoyable.

R. F.