About Us

Pure-Health is a patient-centered Chiropractic and Wellness Centre that was founded by Dr. Jamie Neely and Dr. Laina Shulman in 1994.

As a multi-disciplinary centre Pure-Health is proud to offer an amazing team of professionals in one location.

Individualized care, open communication and results are at the cornerstones of everything we do at Pure-Health. All of our professionals work together to guarantee that our patients get well as quickly as possible.

From the minute you enter our office, we ensure you feel welcome with all of your questions answered. Whether you have symptoms that are keeping you from feeling your best, want to eliminate pain or want to achieve optimum health and wellness, we will ensure your care is personalized and effective.

A few other Pure-Health conveniences:

  • Open Saturdays
  • Easy to find-on the corner of Oxford and Adelaide in the Palasad Plaza
  • Patient Centered with a focus on self care
  • Free accessible parking and on major bus routes
  • We do our best to find same day appointments for those in need
  • Meet our amazing team!

A suitable description of my recovery would be “a miracle”. I was experiencing extreme pain in my neck, radiating down my arm including a numb hand. The pain was barely tolerable with excessive prescription pain medication. The pressure on my neck felt like my head was a cement block. Due to the unending pain-day to day- life was truly miserable. I was exhausted from the pain and my coping ability was depleted. After a month and half of intensive treatment, the difference was incredible! I was able to discontinue pain medication. Days are once again enjoyable.

R. F.