Virtually everything in your life affects your metabolism.

We often get so focused on discussions about diet and exercise that we forget about other important factors in our life that can play an important role in our health and weight loss. Posture is one such factor that gets ignored despite it’s important role in our health, energy, mental, and physical well-being. Do you feel it’s a stretch to connect posture to metabolism?

Let’s see…

Poor Posture Starves Your Cells Of OxygenAs you may know, oxygen is necessary for our cells burn calories. If we don’t have sufficient oxygen in our cells, our metabolism suffers. Did you know that slouching decreases lung capacity by a whopping 30%! Do you think that this could have a negative effect on how hot your metabolism burns? Of course!

Posture Affects Muscle Strength Standing and sitting tall uses many muscles that are often forgotten. Allowing your body to “collapse“ into poor posture creates weak, strained muscles. Muscles burn calories…the more you have, the better your metabolism will be. Ask the doctors how to use the intrinsic muscles of your spine to stand and sit tall…and then burn more just by using your body more efficiently!

Poor Posture Increases Appetite  Australian researchers discovered that standing or sitting up straight actually causes stretch receptors in the digestive tract to be extended, which can cause you to feel a false sense of hunger. Simply put, you are more likely to overeat if you are slouching in your chair.

Poor Posture Interferes With Exercise Compliance Back, neck and shoulder pain are the most common causes of someone having to stop their exercise program….which can create a spiral of weight gain. It has been discovered that poor posture and slouching increases the pressure in the vertebrae of the lower back by ten to fifteen times! A slouch in the upper back is a recipe for shoulder issues and neck pain. In fact, experts estimate that poor posture plays a role in over 80% of all back, neck and shoulder problems; that’s astounding.

Poor Posture Impacts Your Emotions According to published research, poor posture affects our emotional balance as much as our physical one. It is well known that slouching can be a cause and an effect of emotional issues. When we are anxious and depressed we slouch, yet at the same time…slouching makes us more anxious and depressed!

Studies show that if we stand tall we feel more centered. We all know that one of the most common issues with weight involves emotional eating. What if we could affect this issue just by taking a few deep breathes while standing or sitting tall… different habits would lead to better choices and better results.

How to Use This information

Step 1: If you haven’t had your spine checked by one of our chiropractors please do so asap. If your posture has been our of balance for some time you will have some areas that are “locked” in that position. Once they are corrected you will notice that you already stand straighter and breathe deeper.

Step 2: Ask the doctors for some posture correcting exercises that are specific to you. A few minutes per day and some mindful habits throughout the day can go a log way to ensuring that you look and feel your best.