Pain (including back pain and neck pain) is felt when specific nerves become irritated. Pain may be felt at the location of the irritated nerves or in other areas of the body that the nerve controls (referred pain). Referred pain is responsible for many complaints including headaches, sciatica and carpal tunnel.

Won’t drugs alleviate my pain?

No, they cover it up. Drugs do not work on the actual site of the irritated nerve. Drugs act on the brain so that you no longer feel the sensation of pain. Unfortunately, not only do they come with many serious side effects, they silence the message your body is providing you about your current state of health. When the signal is quieted, the condition is left to worsen.

How will chiropractic care alleviate my pain?

Chiropractic works by removing any nerve irritation that results from misaligned or “stuck” bones, especially the bones of the spine. When the bones are adjusted, the nerves are no longer irritated, the pain stops and health is restored.

Chiropractic works similar to removing a pebble from a shoe.

A tiny pebble, because of its constant irritation of a nerve, can drive you crazy.

If someone had a pebble in their shoe and told you they were taking medication for the pebble irritation without looking for the pebble I am sure we would all agree that it would make little sense. In fact, we all know that the pebble would continue to cause more serious problems over time, eventually leading to a situation where more and more drugs were required.

It would be much more reasonable to locate the pebble and remove it from the shoe.

Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct the underlying cause of your pain without drugs and surgery. By removing spinal stress and nerve irritation, chiropractic allows your body to function properly and to heal itself.


I came to Dr Shulman on the recommendation of my sister who has been a patient for quite some time. In the few short months of treatment, I have tremendous improvement in the circulation in my legs, increased strength in my back and less pain in my neck and shoulders. With her gentle touch and procedures, I have newfound strength and well being all around. 

Thank you Dr. Shulman for giving me a new lease on life.

J. Burns