Self Care

Not every exercise is best for everyone.

If you are unsure whether the exercises below are right for you, please speak to one of our health professionals before attempting them.


Below are some free posters you can download as reminders:


Beginner Posture Stretch

Neck Stretches

Frozen Shoulder Relief

Network Care

Foam Posture Posture Stretch to Correct Your Posture

A Way Better Plank Pose

Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder Stretch

Proper Side Plank Technique

Advanced Posture Desk Stretch

Easy Hamstring Stretch

Low Back/Hip Opening

Gentle Effective Groin Stretch

How to use a Ten Minute Cushion for Maximum Effect

Beginner Foundation Training

Vertigo Relief! Self Treatment

Foam Roller IT Band

Sitting Piriformis Stretch

Lying Down Piriformis Stretch

Advanced Groin Stretch

Proper Stretching Technique

Un-Hunch your back using a Large Yoga Ball

Foundation Training Tips

NEVER crack your own neck!

Beginner Yoga