Breathe Your way to a Healthier Life

Breathing comes naturally to all of us, but we don’t often realize that we have the power to improve our health, mood and often even the course of our days simply by learning to breathe better.

In today’s society most of us breathe inefficiently…and often in a shallow and stressed manner. Our lungs never fully expand and our diaphragms are tense and weak. Our slouched posture closes our ribcage down and limits its motion, then the wrong muscles try to help us out, leaving us tense, tired and anxious. All of this means we are spending too much energy breathing, and yet not reaping any of the benefits we could be.

Why is this something we should all pay attention to right now?

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Here are just a few issues that have been linked to improper breathing:

  • Chronic stress, increased anxiety ad decreased empathy
  • Changes in heart rhythms and blood pressure
  • Significantly accelerated aging
  • Slower wound healing
  • Enhanced disease susceptibility
  • Poor, interrupted sleep
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Significantly increased inflammation
  • Weight gain
  • Reduced rational thinking and poor decision making


Imagine if there was a new pill, with zero side effects that could affect all of this for you? In fact, we’d call it a miracle!d as you inhale and exhale, through your nose if possible. (For example, you may count to 5 for your inhale, and 5 for your exhale)

  • With each breath try to breathe a bit deeper and increase your count by 1. (i.e the second round will be 6 counts to inhale, and 6 to exhale). Keep the breath slow and calm.
  • Continue to increase each count by 1 until you have completed 5-10 rounds. If you feel you are at your max, continue at that pace.
  • Notice how much better you feel.

Often when I speak to patients about taking 3-5 minutes a day to learn to breathe they feel they have no time, or they have trouble sitting still for that long. And yet, nothing wastes more time than stress and poor health.

Try it consistently for 30 days, you will be amazed how much better you will feel. If you’re like me, it will even make you wonder what else is possible.

For more information click here and watch Dr. Mithu Storoni, a medical doctor, neuroscientist and Yoga teacher explain how controlled breathing in Yoga can help you de-stress, increase your focus, and improve your overall well-being. She explains the simple breathing techniques that are most practical and the science behind why they have been proven effective.