Introduction to Foundation Training


Today’s lifestyle of excessive sitting, driving and technology use has created an epidemic of low back deterioration. More and more we are seeing patients who suffer from the symptoms of a weak low back- sciatica, disc issues, pain, weakness, instability and lack of flexibility.


At Pure-Health we are huge believers in self care. Chiropractic is a crucial part of healing, ensuring that the joints and nerves are functioning optimally. However, proper low back strengthening and flexibility is essential to ensure complete recovery and a lack of re-injury.


Many of our patients are motivated but aren’t sure where to begin. Foundation Training has developed cutting edge exercises that strengthen the muscles around the spine supporting the spine in proper alignment, taking pressure off the joints and nerves while adding flexibility and strength.


Foundation Training was developed by chiropractor Dr. Eric Goodman, He first developed these exercises for competitive athletes who often were limited by their lower backs. The results have been amazing. Foundation training draws from many disciplines such as yoga and pilates, with an added emphasis on strengthening the muscles that deteriorate from excessive sitting.


Here is the beginner exercise we recommend. See our “key points below before you begin.

Be patient with yourself when beginning these exercises and please master the basics before moving on to the more advanced moves. Even if you exercise regularly you will need to relearn how to hold properly your spine for these exercises, working towards perfect form is essential for results.

A few key points:

Keep your chin slightly tucked and your shoulders down
Keep your weight in your heels
“Neutral spine” involves flexing the muscles in your lower back to maintain the natural curve-be sure not to hyperextend your back or flex it forward.
Keep your knees slightly bent

Once you have tried these exercises if you would like to have one of the doctors ensure your form is correct please schedule a little bit of extra time on your next appointment. If you haven’t worked with Dr. Shulman or Dr. Neely before and are wondering if Foundation Training can help you set up a complimentary consultation here.


If you would like to know more about Training and its founder, click here to watch a fascinating interview with Dr. Goodman and Dr. Mercola.