Balance Your Blood Sugars and Lose Weight,

Even with Low Thyroid!


We are all aware that our thyroid has a crucial function in regulating our metabolism. Yet, recent studies show that as many as 1 in 10 Canadians are affected by Hypothyroidism or Underactive Thyroid. What is causing all of this and does it mean we will have to carry extra weight all of our lives? No. Much of this issue, and the resulting weight stems from our food choices. Thyroid issues cause a number of extremely uncomfortable symptoms fatigue, depression, constipation, brain fog, hair loss and of course weight gain. But don’t despair…you can regain your health and your waistline simply by learning to balance your food!

Thyroid conditions can make it more difficult to lose weight, but definitely not impossible. We see many clients with thyroid conditions at Shulman Weightloss and they have been impressed by their results. They are surprised to discover that healthy weight loss strategies that promote blood sugar balance can actually improve thyroid function!

How do our food choices affect our thyroid and therefore our weight?

Through digestion, carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars and the pancreas then secretes insulin to take sugar from our bloodstream into our cells. Over time, eating too many carbohydrates and processed foods causes large blood sugar and insulin bounces. This leads to insulin resistance … our body can’t use insulin as effectively and therefore secretes more and more in an attempt to force glucose into the cells. This oversecretion of insulin is a significant contributor to weight gain.

If the blood sugar balances aren’t corrected, it becomes difficult for your thyroid to function properly, and further weight gain can result.

The cornerstone of the Shulman Weightloss program is to teach you how to balance your blood sugars with healthy grocery store foods and get you off the rollercoaster. This not only allows you to lose weight and keep it off it can even improve the overall function of your thyroid.

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