Car Accident?

Car accidents are extremely stressful causing many injuries including whiplash, headaches, low back, neck or shoulder pain, extreme tension and many other symptoms. Finding the right care to ensure you heal quickly and completely while navigating the forms from the insurance company can compound the stress. We are here to make it easier for you to get back to feeling 100% after your car accident.

At Pure-Health our insurance specialist is here to help. As a multi-disciplinary centre we ensure your treatment is personalized to your specific injuries. We have chiropractors, massage therapists and other health professionals on site who work together to allow you to heal as quickly as possible, and ensure you recover completely and get back to the activities you enjoy.

Have you been bombarded by forms from your insurance company? No problem, we will simplify the process for you by reviewing which forms we can complete for you, and what information the insurance company requires. We have all the forms you require in our office, or if your insurance company sent you a package please brig it in and we will let you know which forms need to be completed…and get you on your way to feeling your best again.

How do you get started?

Please contact our office (you can schedule online, by email or phone, 519 642 7800) and we can schedule a convenient time for your first appointment. Please let us know that you have been in an accident and we will ensure we set enough time aside to do a full examination and get all the information we need to begin your claim.