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Does this sound like you?

I am so sore when I wake up… it makes me feel old.
This ache behind my shoulder blade is driving me nuts.
I’m getting that hump in my back!
Is all this pain just tension?
Why can’t I sit for more than 15 min without pain? Is it sciatica?

I try to sit up straight at my desk but it hurts, and my back gets tired easily.
I want to get back in shape but I’m worried I’ll hurt myself.
Why do I need to stretch constantly?
It feels like my head weighs a million pounds.
I’m cracking myself more and more and I’m not sure that’s good.


How can chiropractic help?

Chiropractors focus on the spine, other joints in your body and most importantly the nerves. The nerves send messages everywhere in your body so it can work and heal properly. If nerves are pinched and/or irritated your underlying issue will persist no matter what you try. Chiropractors call this type of pinched nerve a subluxation, and they are specialists at locating and correcting these issues.


Please don’t ignore spine and nerve issues. 
Whether you are in your 30’s, 40’s or beyond….the health of your spine determines how well you age, and how good you feel.

Have you ever wondered why chiropractic works?

Chiropractic has been proven to help you:

Become pain free. Avoid medications.

Stay Active. Feel your best.

Find out what these things have to do with your spine and your nerves. Watch the video to discover how millions stay healthy naturally. 

“I was referred to Pure Health from a friend when I mentioned that I have suffered from headaches most of my life. I am so thrilled I followed up. The attention I have received over the past couple of months has been amazing. They took the time to take a detailed history, designed a special treatment plan specifically for me and even followed up after treatment to check on how I was doing. I am thrilled to say that after only a couple of months I am now completely headache free. I can’t thank Laina and Jamie enough.
They really are the best.” Randy Taylor

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