Get the Most Out of Your Ten Minute Cushion and Correct Your Posture

Your posture not only determines how you look, but also how you feel. A slumped posture causes so many health issues: headaches, shoulder tension, frozen shoulder, neck soreness, carpal tunnel, digestive issues, anxiety and more. The Ten Minute Cushion is a simple, effective way to reverse the time spent at our desks and in our cars. It helps students who slump when studying or spend too much time on their phones.

Over the years we have recommended using yoga balls and foam rollers to open up a forward posture. However, we searched for a better alternative and are thrilled with the results our patients are achieving with this pillow. It is definitely a better alternative.

These cushions are so comfortable and effective that many of our patients return to purchase another for their loves ones. (They retail for $39.99). If you have any questions about your posture or would like corrective exercises  please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Below Dr. Shulman explains how to use the Ten Minute Cushion for best results to correct your posture: