Shift Your Weight and Save Your Spine


We can’t avoid sitting…and not all sitting is harmful. Sitting is a wonderful way to relax, visit with others and even meditate. The issue is of course the length of time we sit, and how that amount of time creates a stooped harmful posture.

Many of the effects of long term sitting are apparent…headaches, sciatica, tension, hand and leg tinging, TMJ etc. Some of the effects less obviously related are recurrent UTI’s, pelvis floor disorder leading to mind incontinence and pelvic prolapse, decreased oxygen intake, anxiety, decreased eyesight, high blood pressure…we could go on and on.

Trying to change out habits can be very hard and frustrating. Dr. Shulman has created the video below and handout to make the process easier. Follow this one simple step and you will notice your posture instantly improve. With a but of mindfulness you will be amazed at the changes in your energy level and health.

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