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Why do I love being a female chiropractor?

By March 12, 2021No Comments
My answer is a resounding yes!

The other day someone asked me if I like being female chiropractor

Being a female chiropractor comes with some huge gifts and below are 3 of my favourite:


Understanding women’s needs

I can relate to the issues my female patients are struggling with on a deeper level…because chances are that either someone close to me or I have gone through something similar.

It’s no secret that women’s bodies are always changing and what kept us healthy at 22, 32 or 42 doesn’t work as well when we’re 52. We go through so many stages and changing rhythms, each can bringing their own set of changes and challenges that may keep us from feeling our best. We want to enjoy and thrive in every age and every stage!

As a fellow female who has also navigated the joys of aging I get to have those deeper conversations about everything from brain fog, inflammation and tension headaches to menopause, vertigo and sciatica.

I also understand the ongoing guilt and exhaustion when you’re trying to raise a family, have a career, support your friends and loved ones…all while trying to stay healthy and enjoy the ride.


Raising my family naturally

It’s hard for me to put into words how grateful I am to have had so much experience in natural health care when I raised my 2 boys. Working with patients for so many years allowed me develop a deep trust in the body’s ability to grow strong and heal naturally.

I also know what it’s like to navigate a world that is constantly telling you that you need more medication…that you shouldn’t trust their ability to heal.

I don’t want to give you the impression that my children ate organic broccoli for breakfast…but we adjusted them from birth to keep their immune and nerve systems at a high level, avoided medications, spent a lot of time outdoors and fed them as well as they would let me 🙂 . The foundation of health they have, and their deep knowing that healing comes from within is priceless to me.


Amazing connections

Last but definitely not least I have had the privilege to develop with so many amazing women who are precious to me. Because of the length of time, I have known so many of them we’ve shared hugs when they needed them and high fives when we’re celebrating how good they feel.

I usually get to meet their children and grandchildren…and then watch them grow up.

A dear patient I have known for 27 years was just in for an appointment…her Mom brought her in as a toddler. She’s just given birth to her first child and yesterday I got to adjust grandma, Mom and baby all in one appointment. How could that not be amazingly fulfilling and rewarding?

So yes, I love being a female chiropractor. And I know that the idea of women helping women is pretty wonderful….but the reality of it is even better.