Headaches & Migraines

A suitable description of my recovery would be “a miracle”. I was experiencing extreme pain in my head and neck, radiating down my arm including a numb hand. The pain was barely tolerable with excessive prescription pain medication. The pressure felt like my head was a cement block. Due to the unending pain-day to day- life was truly miserable. I was exhausted from the pain and my coping ability was depleted. After a month and half of treatment, the difference was incredible!
I was able to discontinue pain medication. Days are once again enjoyable.

R. Taylor

Headaches and migraines are awful…. throbbing pain, foggy thinking and days missed lying on ice packs and in dark rooms. You just don’t feel like you, and you find yourself worrying about when the next one’s going to hit. 

You’re not alone, more people seek medical advice for headaches than any other complaint.

Many people take pills for years, suffering the side effects of long-term medication without finding relief. Studies show that up to 95% of all headaches, including tension headaches, cluster headaches and migraines originate in your neck.

Chiropractors are trained to ensure that the neck is functioning optimally,
alleviating most headaches.

 Poor posture, endless hours in front of a computer, previous falls and motor vehicle accidents can all damage your neck. When the spinal joints in the neck are not functioning properly (referred to as a subluxation), muscles get tight and weak, and nerves become irritated. Nerve interference in the area of the neck causes referred pain to the head, around the eyes, to the temples and other related areas. The result is a headache.

Migraines, (also most commonly caused by irritation of the structures in the neck) tend to be more severe and are accompanied by visual aura and disturbance, nausea, vomiting, numbness and irritability.

 In one study of a hundred and fifty patients suffering from migraines, 98% experienced immediate relief of their current migraine through chiropractic adjustments of the neck.

Research has shown that the frequency of tension headaches and the need for medication were both reduced through chiropractic care. Relief of nausea and dizziness, often experienced by headache sufferers, was also reported after chiropractic adjustments

Scientific evidence supports chiropractic care as essential for those suffering from headaches. One doctor is quoted as saying, “the body of literature supporting a spinal origin of headache is substantial, and the case made…is compelling.” In other words, if you suffer from headaches see your chiropractor for relief.

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