Headaches & Migraines

“A suitable description of my recovery would be “a miracle”. I was experiencing extreme pain in my head and neck, radiating down my arm including a numb hand. The pain was barely tolerable with excessive prescription pain medication. The pressure felt like my head was a cement block. Due to the unending pain-day to day- life was truly miserable. I was exhausted from the pain and my coping ability was depleted. After a month and half of treatment, the difference was incredible!”

R. Taylor


Imagine what it would feel like to never have to worry about getting a headache or migraine again?

It’s possible! In fact, it’ s something our patients experience regularly…the freedom of finally living without brain fog, throbbing pain, eye soreness, and the exhausting tension that comes with headaches and migraines.

No matter how long you’ve suffered, you can eliminate headaches and migraines… even if your doctor told you that there was nothing they could do about them except managing the pain with medications. The key is in correcting their cause.


Studies show that up to 95% of all headaches/migraines originate in the neck and the majority of patients get relief from specific chiropractic care.

In one study of a 150 patients, 98% experienced immediate relief of their current migraine through chiropractic adjustments.

It’s not uncommon for patients to report that they’ve had a headache almost every day for 20 years…. and then get relief very soon after beginning care in our office. They are thrilled and can’t believe they were never told to see a chiropractor for their headaches.

If you are new to chiropractic you may be nervous and have many questions…we completely understand. Both doctors are very easy to talk to and will discuss their findings and suggestions before beginning any type of treatment. We use different types of techniques in our office, and your comfort  (and healing) is our #1 priority.  We want to ensure our patients look forward to their adjustments.

Headache free days are ahead of you. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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