Healing Frozen Shoulder Quickly and Completely

Frozen Shoulder is an extremely painful and debilitating condition that is becoming much more common. Treatment can be frustrating and often includes months (often 6-12months!) of regular physiotherapy and home stretching/strengthening. Despite this the condition often reoccurs in the same opposite shoulder as well! It’s time to look at the UNDERLYING cause of this condition to ensure complete healing.

The pain of frozen shoulder is caused by scar tissue beginning to form in the shoulder joint. But what is the cause? Why would our bodies suddenly decide they need to protect our shoulders to the point of “freezing” them?

Frozen shoulder is caused by an IMBALANCE in how we use the shoulder, neck and upper back joints. The common slouched, head forward posture we sit in when sitting at a computer or driving causes built up tension in the front of the shoulder, pain down the arm and puts serious strain on the joints and nerves in the neck, upper back and rib area. It is this posture that is the cause of over 90% of all frozen shoulder cases and correcting allotment is imperative for complete healing.

The shoulder is a very sensitive joint. When we repeatedly use the muscles improperly, this compromises the joints, causing them to “lock up” and pinch the crucial nerves in the area. When the nerves are pinched the muscles can’t regain their power and mobility the area cannot heal.

Treating frozen shoulder by focusing only on the muscles and surrounding soft tissue is a very slow, inefficient and frustrating process. We MUST realign the joints, un-pinch the nerves and address posture in order toheal completely
Dr. Shulman further explains:

So many of us must continue to sit at our desks or cars for many hours, leaving us at risk for a reoccurrence of the issue. it is for this reason that once the alignment of the joints is corrected and proper posture is restored, ongoing stretches are crucial to ensure that mis-aliments don’t return.

A simple, effective frozen shoulder stretch:



Our doctors specialize in correcting the underlying posture that causes this debilitating condition.

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