Kathleen’s Success Story 

“Over the years my weight has gone up and down. Seems that when I was in my 20’s it was much easier to eat and work 2 jobs to keep my weight down. Probably because my age and metabolism was on my side.

I noticed that back in October after having family photos done I did not like what I saw. I guess my breaking point was in November when I hit the scale at 222 lbs. I decided then to change and stop drinking alcohol for 2 weeks to see how I can drop some weight. It worked for 10 lbs right away, then a friend told me about Shulman Weight Loss and I looked into it. It seemed to make sense. I did speak to friends who had tried Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers but I found they constantly said they were back on their weight loss plan. That was something that concerned me because I wanted this to be a change for life.

Kathleen Before and After

Kathleen Before and After

At the end of November I met with the group at Shulman and was not pressured into making a decision it was great to have all the information available to me. Once I met with Lisa I felt that we hit it off well from the beginning. She really listened to my issues and that I was not used to doing much cooking. As well I had a lot of particular dislikes, i.e. fish, but over the 3 months I was able to try new recipes and start cooking for once and really enjoy it (The nachos were a saving grace for me). I did find that having to meet with Lisa once a week was a way that held me accountable and it was also good therapy at the same time. Not sure if Lisa realized that she would be a shrink for me but helped keep me level headed.

I am very happy the way that I was able to lose the weight a few lbs every week. I was surprised that now I have managed to keep the weight off and haven’t had to convert back to bad foods I don’t feel that I miss them. Because I was really surprised at how much my body told me that bad food did not sit well with me, and not it makes sense to it properly. I am a happier person. I do notice that I workout less then I used to, an easy 20 min cardio a couple times a week is very manageable.

I have been working on my own since March I found that I kept losing a couple of lbs and now I seem to be maintaining quite well. I think I am now 168 lbs.

All my friends and family have noticed a huge change in my appearance as well my personality has come back. I did have some people doubt me and now they want to know how. As well a few friends have looked into Shulman location in Toronto for themselves.

I am very happy that I took the right steps to make the change in my life, as well I can’t fit into either of my wedding dresses, so I am glad to the seamstress rebuild the dresses.”