Low Back Pain and Sciatica

I’m so grateful to Dr. Shulman for restoring hope to me. After 5 years of chronic back pain I finally feel like the tides are turning! Dr. Shulman is a caring, positive and learned DC and I can’t thank her enough for my healing.”

Judy Helperin

Why’s my low back so sore?

Over 80% of people experience low back pain…and it’s emotionally exhausting. We feel limited by what we can do, and wonder if it’s going to feel like this forever.

back pain has many causes and usually originates from the spine or pelvis (sacroiliac joints).  Long hours of sitting, lifting improperly, previous injuries and lack of stretching can cause an area of the spine to “lock up” (or become misaligned), resulting in tight muscles, pinched nerves and pain..

You can feel better, and likely much quicker than you think. We’ve helped thousands of patients overcome low back paint hey thought they were going to have to live with forever.

What if it’s sciatica?

The term Sciatica describes pressure on the Sciatic Nerve that can cause leg pain, tingling, numbness and weakness that originate in the lower back and travel down into the back of the leg. Other types of pinched nerves in the spine can cause similar symptoms.

The causes of sciatica are numerous… misaligned spine and pelvic joints, a herniated “slipped” disc, and many more. We are experts at locating and correcting the specific cause so you heal quickly and completely.

It can be scary to be diagnosed with sciatica…and discovering why the nerve is pinched (and correcting it) is crucial to our patient’s healing.

Why isn’t stretching helping?

When an area of your spine isn’t working properly your body goes into “protection mode” causing muscle spasms and tension. The stiffness and pain you feel won’t likely go away until you correct the underlying cause and the body can relax.

If you are suffering from low back pain or sciatica please contact us to schedule an appointment …you’ll be feeling like yourself again in no time.
We got your back.

“ When I first came in I could barely walk more than a block and my body constantly hurt on the left hand side. After two months of care, I’m back at karate  – able to do my kicks, my stances- all those wonderful things. I’m making steady progress and looking forward to much more! Thanks Dr. Neely.”                                   

Jamie. M