An Effective Stretch for your Low Back and Hips


Is sitting at a desk all day making your hips and low back tight and sore? Have you taken up running ? Is it hard to get up from a chair without pain and stiffness? Watch Dr. Laina Shulman demonstrate a simple yet extremely effective low back and hip stretch to help reduce tension and increase mobility. This stretch specifically targets your piriforms muscle, but depending on your flexibility you may feel it in your hips, legs or lower back. Be sure to begin this stretch very gently and remember to breathe.

If you would like to see Dr. Neely demonstrate how to do this stretch sitting please click here. For other tips, stretches and exercises to improve the health of your spine please speak to one of our chiropractors when you are in for your next appointment.

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable doing this stretch please stop immediately until you can speak to one of our chiropractors directly.