Foundation Training for your Lower Back 

Dr. Jamie Neely

I am excited to share this routine created by a great chiropractor, Dr. Goodman. It’s one of my personal go to favourites!!
He’s done a great job of creating the best moves for a healthy body. His quick routine not only strengthens the low back but reconditions the hips, upper back and core…..muscles that typically are let go because we spend so much time sitting and being inactive. So, in under 10 minutes you can “feed” these areas what they need. You will feel great after doing this short routine.

CAUTION: BE CAREFUL: work only within your personal limits. Feel what you are doing and don’t over do it. Better yet, consult one of the doctors at our wellness centre to find out how this routine relates to your specifics. Don’t be surprised if you can’t make it through the whole 10 minutes without taking a break. Just do what you can, nurture your progress and you will be stronger with more functional strength than ever in no time!!

If you would like to purchase this amazing program click here for more information:

Foundation Training