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Do you wonder if you have Brain Fog?

Brain fog creeps up on you until it feels like you’re living in a haze. Sufferers describe it as a low energy state where it’s hard to focus and you have to think about thinking.  It can be a difficult symptom to describe, and even harder to diagnose as it often has multiple causes. It makes being a busy Mom or working at a computer very stressful while you wonder what is happening to you.

We see many patients who suffer from brain fog and below are some things that we know help.

1. Move, preferable not just at the gym

The exercise we do outside or in more natural settings tends to be far more fun, relaxing and useful. We move our body the way it was designed to move…as opposed to exercise machines that force us to move in the same direction over and over.

2. Go outside

Making time to play outside is healing in so many ways. It allows the muscles of your eyes to relax (away from screens) while trees and sunshine give off chemicals that lower stress levels. It is so powerful that a new trend has begun called forest bathing.

3. Sleep

We can’t overstate the power of getting enough sleep. You heal when you sleep….you don’t when you don’t. Get off the devices, don’t eat anything for 3 hours before bed and sleep for 7-8 hours. It will change your life. For more information listen to best selling author Matthew Walker share Why Sleep is Your Superpower.

 4. Get adjusted

Your nerves control how your body works. Chiropractors check for nerve interference, if the nerves (particularly in your neck) are not functioning properly due to tension and locked joints you may suffer from increased inflammation, headaches, brain fog issues, vertigo and much more. Make an appointment to get checked by one of our chiropractors.

5. Reduce inflammatory eating

Speak to a nutritionist who can help you balance you blood sugars and clean up anything that may be inflamming your system. Gut health has everything to do with brain health, mood and vitality. The nutritionists at Shulman Weightloss really are the best at helping you master this!

6. Wim Hoff Breathing Method

Wim Hoff has become very popular with celebrities such as Tony Robbins. There’s lots of info on the web and you can find his online course here: https://www.wimhofmethod.comBoth doctors have put this in our daily routine, and had the opportunity to meet and chat with Wim a few years ago. They can personally attest to many benefits from this method. (If you get a chance to see him personally he is very charismatic and entertaining.)

It can be hard to shift to healthier habits…and a little accountability goes a long way.

Make these changes with a friend who keep you on track or find a professional who will guide you over the bumps and past the roadblocks.

You can get back to feeling clear and eliminate brain fog for good. Feel free to speak to one of the doctors if you have questions about brain fog or any of the above suggestions.