Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? It’s so exhausting. If you’re like many people sometimes you don’t even know you’re stressed until you feel how tense you are. Maybe you try to get a break from the pain by using heat packs, begging your kids to rub your shoulders and getting monthly massages…but the relief is very temporary. 

There are a few likely reasons you’re suffering with so much pain and tension: Poor posture and stress overload.

How does poor posture cause this pain?

It’s no secret that we’re hunched over these days. Phones, ipads, desks, puzzles, driving, cooking…the list goes on and on.  Even when we’re on the couch, playing on our computers or watching Netflix we tend to have our heads hanging forward. This position puts a TON of stress on the neck and upper back. In fact, every inch your head is forward from its natural position adds another 10 lbs of stress on the neck, shoulders, and spine. 

Your spine is designed to stack up (like a game of jenga), creating structure and stability. But…forward head posture makes that impossible, and over time the vertebrae in the neck and upper back become strained and eventually “locked up”. In order to compensate the muscles guard leaving you with a limited range of motion, ongoing pain and shoulders that feel as hard as rocks.

Once you’re at this point you won’t find that stretching provides you with any long-term relief. Normal movement of the spine has to be restored (by one of our a skilled chiropractors) allowing the muscles to let go, as relaxation is restored.

How does stress pay a role?

Think about something that makes you happy…do you notice how you want to sit upright? Now think about the co-worker who drives you crazy and all the work you have to get done before your deadline. Did you notice how you tend to slump?

We’re used to seeing this in our animals. Dogs tuck their tails when they’re stressed and stretch themselves out when they’re happy. The same thing is happening in our bodies, we’re just not often conscious of it. What’s interesting is that research tells us that emotions and posture have a reciprocal chicken/egg relationship. 

In other words: 

Your body posture affects your mood.
Your mood affects your body posture.

If you want to change the way your feel change your body position.

Want to feel depressed? Drop your shoulders and look down (Doesn’t this sound like the position most of us sit in all day?) 

Poor head posture has even been proven to increase the stress hormone cortisol by 25% (which also promotes fat storage, and nobody wants that).  

The good news is that if you change the way you’re sitting, you’ll feel less stressed and your shoulders won’t be as tense!

The way you use your body determines the way you feel. You need to remember that for the rest of your life.

Tony Robbins

What are the takeaways?

    1. Have a chiropractor check your spine to correct any underlying issues that have built up. 
    2. Check in on your position at your desk frequently. The length of time you’re stuck in a poor position matters a great deal.  Studies tell us that a one hour episode of poor posture is far worse for us than 2 half hour time periods. Use this video to rest yourself:
    3. Implement a daily stretching routine such as this one at your desk
    4. Make time during the day to take breaks to decompress, go for a walk and breathe deeply. When you sit with proper posture your brain gets 30% more oxygen!

We know you have a ton to do and it doesn’t seem like you can afford the time to commit to the list above. But imagine your days free of neck and shoulder tension…not only will you feel better, you’ll be far more productive and creative, think clearer and feel lighter. 

Contact us if you’re suffering from neck and shoulder tension …you’ll be amazed how quickly you start feeling better. 

PS…make sure if you’re working at a home office it’s set up ergonomically!