Neck and Upper Back Tension

Does this sound like you?

Some days are better than others (which seems to depend on your stress level and how long you’re at your desk), but it’s getting more constant and it’s making everything harder. Sometimes it’s even hard to think clearly and you just want to put your head on your desk because it feels like it weighs a ton. There is pain behind your shoulder blade and it takes so much effort to try to sit straight.

 You’re not alone. We’ve been helping patients feel their best for over 25 years and about 15 years ago we noticed that certain symptoms were becoming more and more common. So many new patients we meet are searching for relief from:

  • Tension at the base of their neck 
  • Extremely tense shoulders
  • Pain behind their shoulder blades that’s driving them nuts
  • Achiness where that “hump” seems to be developing
  • Soreness and lack of mobility in the front of their shoulders and upper arms
  • More frequent headaches
  • Jaw tension that’s getting worse

These are all symptoms of spinal misalignments caused by the position we get stuck in…head down or forward for long periods, rounded shoulders and a general slump. This may be at our desks, in our cars, on our phones or even chopping vegetables.

Along with spinal adjustments to get you back to feeling your best we empower patients with simple steps to ensure the issues don’t return. Specialized techniques, and specific stretches and exercises (that take little to no time) are important to keep you feeling your best.

We provide patients with the peace of mind that comes with knowing what needs to be done to correct their posture and undo the daily stresses that cause so many of these issues.
You can feel better, likely quicker than you think. Contact us today, we’d love to help.