The Rise of “Text Neck”

In 2013 adults spent an average of 5 hours and 9 minutes with digital media (online and mobile) each day. That’s up from 4 hours the year before.

The recent surge in phone and tablet use and the extra capability our devices have of playing games for longer periods of time has had a negative effect on our bodies – especially our necks. Phones and tablets are often placed in our laps or held in our hands – putting more pressure on the neck than ever before. The complaint is so common, that it’s now called ‘text neck.’

Dr. Shulman explains: “Text neck”, if left untreated, can cause serious arthritis and

Neck pain from Texting

Neck pain from Texting

degeneration in the joints of the neck. Neck pain and headaches are a sign that something is wrong. It’s essential that anyone experiencing these symptoms get checked to see if they are a good candidate for chiropractic care along with specific exercises and stretches to restore their posture.

The average adult head weighs 10 pounds. Bending your head forward for long periods of time puts extra pressure on the neck joints and muscles. It’s equivalent to holding a 10-12 pound weight away from the body for long periods of time…and supporting it solely with your neck. It is no wonder the joints in the neck wear out. Muscles held in a strained position for a long period of time will eventually go into spasm, causing the joints become locked up. Nerves in the area become pinched. This often results in neck pain or stiffness. Pain can shoot down your shoulders and up the back of the head or radiate into your forehead and temples– causing headaches. Sinus conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, ear aches and many other issues are often a result of the nerves being pinched as well.

According to recent research, the best treatment for chronic neck pain is chiropractic care along with stretching exercises. That is exactly how we treat patients at Pure-Health and frankly, that’s what the best chiropractors do.

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