Understanding the Power Of The Nervous System


New patients often come to see us for issues such as back pain, headaches, rib pain and sciatica. And yes! We routinely help new patients resolve those issues in record time. 

And, patients notice that after an adjustment they experience relief in areas they didn’t even mention to us such as:

  • Better sleep
  • Lower Anxiety or Handling Stress Better
  • Deeper Breathing
  • Enhanced Digestion
  • Increased Strength
  • Fewer Sinus and Ear Issues
  • Natural Posture Improvements 

Why? It comes down to nerves. Understanding how the nerves power all areas of the body is similar to understanding how the electricity powers your home.

Think of the nervous system as the body’s intricate wiring system, ensuring every part operates harmoniously. It’s responsible for all vital functions including heartbeat, breathing, and digestion. It literally controls the whole show!

The nerve function chart below displays the far-reaching connections the nervous system has throughout our body.

Notice if there are symptoms you experience that all come from the same area of your spine/nerve system.

Healing One Area Of The Spine Can Alleviate a Range of Symptoms

This works similarly to your home’s breaker panel. When a breaker switches off, everything connected to it stops working properly.  

Similarly, when there’s interference in one part of your nervous system, multiple areas of your body can suffer. Your body will let you know there’s an issue by giving you a symptom.

For instance, if there’s an issue with the nerves in the neck you might experience neck pain, headaches, tingling in the hands, sinus problems, vertigo, ear infections or more. All because of the same underlying cause!

It can feel like your body’s “falling apart,” when in reality, these diverse symptoms might trace back to a single root cause in the spine! In other words…working on your laptop for hours on end may be putting too much pressure on your neck, resulting in issues with the spine, that give you headaches and don’t allow your sinuses to drain properly.

When these symptoms are routinely covered up with Tylenol or Avil, other areas compensate, compounding the problem and moving the body further away from how it was designed to work. The result? More issues and a general sense of “something’s wrong”.

One Adjustment Heals Multiple Issues

The spine was meant to protect the nerves but our modern society is putting too much pressure on it. Often, rather than protecting the nerves it gets “locked” in the wrong position and causes irritation to the nerves.

 When we adjust a specific area, other connected areas often also find relief! In fact, you may notice that you don’t get sick as often, your head feels clearer or you sleep so much better. 

That’s why, after getting adjusted, so many patients realize they’re feeling better in ways they didn’t even mention before. It’s like a light switch turns on in the body.


At Pure-Health, we see the bigger picture.

A single adjustment can set many things right. That’s what we do, we get your body back to its original design so you can feel even better than you imagined.

Dr. Laina Shulman

Dr. Laina Shulman

Dr. Laina Shulman is the co-founder of Pure-Health Wellness, a practicing chiropractor, and the Director of Shulman Weight Loss London. With a belief that wellness is the foundation of a fulfilling life, she empowers her patients with simple strategies to regain and maintain their health.