Perfect Posture

If you don't fix your posture - your back is ALWAYS going to be a problem.

Many of the strains and tensions our patients experience occur due to the countless hours they spend sitting in front of a computer, driving, and  other positions that cause poor posture. Unfortunately, this loads the spine in ways it wasn’t designed to support, and causes strains and tensions to build up.

Our spine is perfectly designed to keep us healthy, strong and pain free. If we maintained proper posture throughout our lifetime, our bodies (and our heads) would feel virtually weightless. However, when we hold ourselves in a strained position for  prolonged periods, the spine and surrounding muscles cannot withstand the constant load and begin to break down. This can result in tension, pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, pain behind the shoulder blades and at the base of the neck, arthritis in the spinal joints, TMJ issues, lower back pain and much more.

The continual usage of hand held devices puts extra pressure on our necks and upper backs as we constantly look down. More people than ever are noticing that “hump” in their upper back which is created by an ongoing “slump”. They know their posture is an issue, but they don’t know where to begin.

We have helped thousands of people correct their posture…feeling 10 years younger and looking 10 pounds lighter. They notice they breathe better, their core strength improves and their chronic tension disappears.


To the left we have posted a free poster that can be downloaded and a video for some quick “posture reminders”.

For more tools, please visit our videos page and out blog post on proper sitting.

If you’re new to Pure-Health please schedule an appointment with one of the doctors to have your posture screened.