Perfect Posture

If you don't fix your posture - your back is ALWAYS going to be a problem.

At Pure-Health, our chiropractors put a great deal of emphasis on proper posture when sitting, standing, lifting and posture.

Many of the strains and tensions our patients experience occur due to the countless hours they spend sitting in front of a computer, driving, sitting and/or standing in improper posture. Unfortunately, this will load the spine in ways it wasn’t designed to support.

Our spine is naturally in an “S” curve – a shape perfectly designed to keep our spines healthy, strong and pain free. If we maintained this shape throughout our lifetime, our bodies (and our heads) would feel virtually weightless. However, when we hold ourselves in a strained position for a prolonged period of time, the spine and surrounding muscles cannot withstand the constant load and begin to break down. This can result in tension, pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, pain behind the shoulder blades and at the base of the neck, arthritis in the spinal joints, TMJ issues, increased sicknesses, carpal tunnel  ,lower back pain and much more.

The continual usage of hand held devices is also an issue as it puts pressure on our head as we constantly look down. If I were to ask you to hold onto a bowling ball, instinctively, you would hold it close to your body to distribute the weight more evenly, making the ball feel lighter. Yet, if I asked you to hold it further away from your body for long periods, (like many of us hold our heads in a forward position) your muscles would become sore and eventually the joints, nerves and soft tissues would become tense and strained.

While at first it would be important to ensure that the joints, muscles and nerves heal, in order to regain long term health we would have to correct how you are holding the bowling ball just like we have to correct your posture.

To ensure you reach your optimal state of health, Pure-Health is dedicated to teaching our patients techniques to regain and maintain proper posture. For many of our patients, proper postural training offers the key to ensure that symptoms do not return.

To the right we have posted some free posters that can be downloaded and a video for some quick “posture reminders”.

For more tools, videos and free downloads please visit our self- care page.

If you are new to Pure-Health please speak with one of the doctors to have your posture screened and to ensure we provide you with specific, customized stretches.