Is Eating Fresh Food Too Time Consuming?

Dr. Laina Shulman


Time is precious. At times I have to remind myself why I devote time to choosing healthy ingredients and making home made meals when there are so many “quick grab” options.

It is not just about eating healthy, and of course we go out for nachos occasionally like everyone else. However, I have noticed that there are so many reasons I love to cook at home and below are some of my favourites.

1. Our body is constantly creating new cells as old ones die off. Tomorrow’s body is Fresh Food Optionsmade mostly out of today’s food. I would rather “tomorrow’s body” be made out of healthy food rather than Big Macs.

2. I notice how differently it feels when we eat home-made food…call me crazy but I believe that when we eat food that is made with care we can feel it.

3. It reminds me of what is real and helps me feel grateful for the food we eat. In our pre-packaged world, we often disconnect from the source of our food and the effort it took to get it to us.

4. Meal prep is some of my favourite family time. When my husband and children are helping with dinner, electronics are off and suddenly we are just hanging out, chopping, chatting and creating something that we are going to sit down and share. This might be my favourite reason of all.

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