Base of Neck Acuball Pain Relief


So many of us carry excess tension in the area where the back of our neck meets our skulls. This is referred to as “sub-occipital tension”.
The tension is caused by a head forward position from computers, driving, studying etc. It is also significantly exacerbated by stress and poor posture. This tension can cause headaches, neck pain and even effect our immune system.

The acuball (available at Pure-Health) is an effective tool to release this tension. The ball can even be heated, but follow the instructions so that you don’t melt it! Try to relax and give yourself a few minutes to decompress and breathe while doing this exercise, don’t rush it.
Watch the video below for basic instructions on using the acuball for relief. There are many other ways to use the acuball to release areas of tension in the body, please ask one of the doctors or massage therapists for more tips when you are in. They can show you how to maximize the ball’s effectiveness for your particular needs.
Call in today to schedule your next appointment with one of the Doctors or massage therapists and learn how to properly use the Acuball.