Stretch Your Piriformis at Your Desk

Sitting for long periods can cause a great deal of low back pain and stiffness. Often this stiffness is associated with sacroiliac issues, a tight piriformis muscle and possible sciatica.
Stretching your piriformis regularly can alleviate some tension without ever leaving your desk. Taking a walk after after you do your stretching can make you results last even longer. If you have any pain when doing this exercise or unsure of your technique please wait and speak to one of the doctors or massage therapists on your visit.

How to do the stretch properly: 

Simply place one foot on top of the other creating a “figure 4”. Please one hand gently on your knee and the other hand on your ankle. Be sure to be sitting tall when performing this exercise. You will feel a stretch in the hip and buttock of the crossed leg.
You can intensify this stretch by bending at the waist and bringing your chest closer to your leg. Be sure to breathe in order to help the muscle relax. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.
If you are uncertain how to complete this stretch or experience any discomfort during this stretch please come in and see one of the Doctors for further instructions and watch Dr. Shulman’s videos below: