Way To Go!


I receive many inspiring emails from Shulman Weightloss clients. I couldn’t be more proud of the work our nutritionists do, and their ongoing dedication to their clients. With permission, I am sharing one the most recent emails I received below:


Good Evening Dr. Shulman,

I would like to share the joy I feel as I complete nine months of a very positive experience with Shulman Weight Loss Clinic. At this point, I am 44 pounds lighter and feel great. This journey for me has not only been about weight loss but some essential lifestyle changes.

At my very first appointment, you suggested Christine Sheriff to me and I want to thank you for that. Christine has played a significant role in my success. It is obvious by Christine’s attentive, proactive and insightful ways that she enjoys and is exceptional at the work she is doing. Her knowledge on nutrition is remarkable but what amazed me even more was her coaching expertise on food and the mind. She challenged me along the way to various journal exercises and assignments which really helped me to be more aware of my mind and food connection. I am hoping to continue to practice these valuable lessons that Christine has introduced to me.

I take every opportunity to tell my good news story about Shulman Weight Loss Clinic, and the professional and knowledgeable staff that have been a part of this journey with me.



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