This time of year should be relaxing and yet summer can be met with trepidation for those of us who have recently started a wellness journey.

We are often left feeling unsure of what choices to make or feeling social pressure to buckle. Summer Patio These tips will give you some tools so that you can still enjoy the company and celebrations of summer while staying true to your own goals for yourself.


1.     Focus on Friends not Food

Our culture automatically links celebration of any kind with food and drinks. When you find yourself in that tempting situation practice focusing on the people around you instead of the food and drinks. Make people the central piece of the celebration. I promise you by doing this you will learn more about those you love and end up feeling much more fulfilled.

2.     Think Ahead

Many things seem like good ideas at the time especially when you are in an environment where everyone is doing it. Take a moment to ask yourself how this decision is going to affect you tomorrow.  Chips, coolers, ice cream and candy might feel good short term but we know all too well the negative long term effects on our self- esteem and waistline. It’s not a reward if it leaves you feeling bad. Truly reward yourself by making decisions that lead to long lasting positive feelings.

3.     Smart Swaps

Part of the stress we feel is that we don’t want to draw a lot of attention to ourselves by making different decisions than the crowd. Here are a few smart swaps you can make that will still make you look like your partaking but won’t blow your progress.


Instead of :

Blender drinks, coolers or beer –> Spritzer with wine or chilled herbal tea w/sliced fruit

Chips and pretzels   –> Veggies, unsalted nuts, fruit, lightly salted edamame

Burgers/Hotdogs –> Drop the bun and keep the toppings

Creamy Salads –> Choose whole grain salads made with quinoa, rice, wheatberries and salads with lots of leafy greens and colorful veggies

Dessert –> Look for natural sweets like fresh fruit, or choose your favorite dessert and have two bites!

Most of all, remember to enjoy yourself and have fun, let go of outside pressures and make choices that are going to truly make you feel good!