Make Your Weight Loss Last



t Shulman Weightloss we understand that long term weight loss is about so much more than food. Habits, self talk and self judgement all play role in ensuring our success.

  1. Please stop telling yourself you are deprived. You are not deprived when you can’t eat pie at night anymore. You have chosen health over empty calories. You wish you could have both…I get that and wish I could change the rules for both of us. But, as with everything in life we have a choice and our choices have consequences. Making the mindful choice to avoid foods that will harm your health and your weight is not deprivation, it’s wisdom. You chose you, bravo.


  1. You can’t change your food choices without changing your life…at least a little. We know from working with people that if you sit on the couch for 3 hours a night or get on social media at 9pm and the snacking starts….it will be very hard to change that choice long term unless you shift the habit that goes along with it. Can you minimize the screen time and go for a walk? Read a book? Go to bed? Take up a new hobby? It will make your new choices so much easier to implement.


  1. Weight and health are not “all or nothing”. If you have extra carbs at dinner but you ate more greens, drank more water and ate a balanced lunch and breakfast you didn’t “lose the day”. We notice that many people have a tendency to be all of nothing with their food choices. Are french fries for dinner ideal? Of course not…but if you decide that the day is lost because of them you will follow up dinner with a bowl of ice cream, some pie and anything else that is around….and it will take you days to recover. I am all for mindfulness (and have had my share of fries at dinner), but lets make the best choices we can right now, not based on what we chose 10 minutes ago or some grading system we have created.
Dr. Laina Shulman

Dr. Laina Shulman

Dr. Laina Shulman is the co-founder of Pure-Health Wellness, a practicing chiropractor, and the Director of Shulman Weight Loss London. With a belief that wellness is the foundation of a fulfilling life, she empowers her patients with simple strategies to regain and maintain their health.