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Follow Along Routines

Morning Routine 6:43

This 6 min morning routine is for all levels. Try it daily for 2 weeks… we guarantee you’ll be amazed at how much more flexible and strong you feel.

Desk Stretches 5:29

Relieve neck and shoulder tension with this 5 min follow along.

Low Back Stretches 8:22

Here are the 3 BEST lower back pain stretches – in a easy to use follow along.

Low Back Pain, Sciatic and Tight Hips

Piriformis Stretch 2:23

This extremely effective stretch releases tension from the piriformis, hips and low back. If you suffer from piriformis syndrome, sciatica or low back pain this stretch can provide amazing relief.

The Lengthener 4:53

An amazing stretch to fix your hamstrings, hips and lower back pain…it also helps to relieve the pain of sciatica and sacroiliac syndrome. Practice it daily to relieve the pain and tension caused by excessive sitting while fixing your posture!

Couch Hamstring Stretch 1:37

Dr. Laina demonstrates a simple, effective way to avoid low back pain and sciatic pain by keeping your hamstrings flexible without leaving their desk or getting off the couch.

Headaches, Neck and Shoulder Pain

The Hitchhiker 4:34

This exercise will strengthen your rotator cuff as it eliminated rounded shoulders and poor posture. It realigns your shoulder as it strengthens the muscles that keep your shoulders back and open….fixing your forward posture and all the problems it comes with

Neck Stretches 3:15 

Release tension from your neck and shoulders. Dr. Jamie will take you through all ranges of motion ad he demonstrates the key movements that undo the tension that builds from sitting in front of the computer and carrying your stress in your shoulders.

Hanging Stretch2:59

Hanging is a full-body stretch that improves posture, shoulder mobility and many of the issues that come with scoliosis. Dr. Laina describes a few different ways to do it correctly to release tension and feel all the benefits.


Dowager Hump Don’ts  4:51

Are you worried that you are getting that unsightly dowagers hump at the top of your back? Is it making you look and feel old? In this video we cover the 3 things people try that WON”T fix it (and actually make it worse).

Best Posture Corrector 2:55

This is the best posture corrector we’ve found on Amazon: It comes in all sizes and is very comfortable and easy to use. If you’re working or studying from home this reduce neck and keep you from getting a dowagers hump

Standing Posture 6:20

Learn how to fix your standing posture in 3 easy steps. Eliminate rounded shoulders, neck pain and back pain while looking taller and leaner. Chiropractors Dr. Laina and Dr. Jamie demonstrate the dramatic change you’ll see and feel by standing properly.

Ask An Expert

Cracking your neck-helpful or harmful? 3:31

We often get asked if cracking your own neck (or other areas of your spine) is good for you. Chiropractor Dr. Laina Shulman discusses why so many people are finding it a habit thats hard to break and its long term effects.

Inversion Tables – Yes/No?  4:46

Inversion tables can be very helpful in reducing low back pain and the symptoms associated with sciatica and disc issues. However, they aren’t for everybody and they need to be used correctly.

The Right Pillow 3:28

Dr. Laina Shulman answers the question: “Do you think my neck problem is from my pillow?” and makes suggestions for what to look for when choosing your pillow…no matter what position you sleep in. Avoid waking up with that kink in your neck, pain and stiffness by ensuring you’re sleeping on the right pillow. 

Full Body Stretching Routine- All You Need in 7 Min!