A Healing Lesson From House Plants


 Have you ever had a plant whose leaves were turning brown?

 These are obsviously symptoms that something is out of balance and we know that  we must find the CAUSE so that the plant can THRIVE.

 Let’s say we have determined that it was dry and we water it, would we expect the brown leaves to disappear by the next day? Of course not!

We understand that healing takes time, and we must continue to ensure conditions are optimum in order for the symptoms to completely disappear. We can’t let it dry out again…or of course we would not be surprised when the symptoms returned, and were potentially worse.

 If this is so, why are we surprised when we have been caring for our bodies for a few short weeks (after years of neglect) and still have symptoms?

 Why are we disgruntled when we return to our old unhealthy habits and our symptoms return?

 Healing takes time and mindfulness…which we expect when it comes to our plants and animals. We just need to remember to show ourselves the same patience, persistence and care.