Is Wim Hof For You?


Wim Hof is not for everybody. If you love your comfort zones you will find his techniques intense. In fact, I wasn’t even sure it was for me… until I tried it.

Wim Hof is a man who created a deep breathing and cold water therapy technique that is spreading like wildfire. Cirque De Soleil, Tony Robbins, Laird Hamilton and many other high level achievers and athletes can’t say enough about it.

This technique uses the body’s ability to heal itself while maximizing strength and reducing inflammation. By oxygenating the body through rhythmic breathing and exposing it to cold it “turns on” the immune system in ways that are blowing the mind of scientists and enthusiasts. Researchers have studied its positive effect on autoimmune diseases and viruses with awe.


It seems as if it allows participants to affect their autonomic nerve system…something once thought impossible.



I first tried this technique because I am fascinated with the untapped potential of the body to heal. There is so much to discover, and the key to maximizing health DEFINITELY lies within, not in a bottle. Wim’s premise made sense, and his enthusiasm is contagious. At the time I was beginning to experience some “brain fog” that was distressing to me. I was having moments where I had to “focus on focusing”, and that had never happened to me before. I could relieve the issue through adjustments and a clean diet but they never completely disappeared. (Interestingly…many now confide in me that they are experiencing distressing brain fog regularly.)

A began with a healthy skepticism but the results were fairly immediate and undeniable. Not only did my endurance and strength greatly improve, I have not had another episode since shortly after beginning this technique. The sense of well being that accompanies regular practice borders on addictive.

Someone close to me confided that they were experiencing similar unnerving brain fog and said they’d do “anything” I suggested to get rid of it. I told them about this technique and they too were amazed. Yet another person close to me has healed himself of debilitating almost daily migraines he suffered with for years.

It is worth repeating, this technique is not for everyone. You will need a love of adventure and getting outside your box. That being said, beginning to take a medication with unknown side effects and no real “exit strategy” is far more scary to me than sitting in a cold bath.

We are not suggesting that anyone do anything they are uncomfortable with, and please speak to us if this is something you want more information about. We are committed to keeping our patients off medications while feeling their very best, and this is one of many powerful techniques that may (or may not) be right for you.