Are You Acidic or Alkaline?

Further evidence that you are what you eat.

By Dr. Laina Shulman

When it comes to nutritious eating and weight loss there are so many things to consider. Am I balancing my blood sugars? Am I getting enough healthy fats? How can I be certain that I am getting the nutrients my body needs?

The good news is that all of these answers point towards similar healthy choices. In fact, the latest research provides further evidence that what we eat has an enormous effect on our everyday health and our susceptibility to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity and arthritis.

One important area to consider is how our health is related to the pH of our blood. A neutral pH is 7, anything above that is alkaline and anything below is considered acidic.

Acidic vs Alkaline Foods

Acidic vs Alkaline Foods

In short, alkaline environments promote health and drive weight loss while many diseases thrive in acidic systems. Unfortunately, today’s busy lifestyle choices tend to lead us towards more acidic choices. Emotional stresses, medications, artificial sweeteners, diet high in meat, dairy, white flour, sugar, coffee and soft drinks all increase the acidity of our bodies. Fresh fruits and vegetables create a more vibrant alkaline environment.

5 Tips to ensure you are maximizing your alkaline:

1.Eliminate all artificial sweeteners, they are extremely acidic.

2.When you eat a meal be certain that over 50% of your plate is covered with fruits and vegetables, particularly dark green vegetables.

3.Include Chlorophyll or a green drink such as Greens+ in your diet.

4.Choose sprouted whole grain bread such as Stonemill bread. The more a grain sprouts before it is eaten, the more alkaline it becomes.

5. Too much cortisol (the stress hormone) will make you acidic. Take steps to eliminate toxic stress. Meditation, journaling and time outdoors have all been shown to decrease cortisol levels (the “stress hormone”).

Some current research points to a 50/50 diet of alkaline/acidic foods to promote health while others encourage an 80/20 diet in order to restore health. Keep in mind that whether a food is considered alkaline or acidic has to do with what is left in your body once a food is digested. For example, lemons are clearly acidic when they are sitting on your counter but leave a very alkaline residue in the body once they are digested.

If your health is not where you would like it to be, or if you are struggling with weight loss consider the acidity of your lifestyle and diet…it can male a world of difference.

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