Your First Chiropractic Appointment


Is this your first time seeing a chiropractor?

We’re excited for you! We understand that you may be nervous. That makes good sense, you don’t know us yet and this might all be new. Maybe a friend or 2 suggested you see a chiropractor because it helped them, but you have a ton of questions. We welcome and expect that. We know that the best patients are the patents that are interested in their own health. 

All that you need to do to get started is contact us or book an appointment online. If you would like to chat with someone in our office give us a call at 519 642 7800.

Have you seen a chiropractor regularly and want to continue with your care?

Great! If you have been under regular care the doctor will likely be able to adjust you on your first visit. We will still need 30-45 minutes to catch us up on your full case history, the types of adjustments you have received, and any health goals you are working towards.


Your first visit (30-40 min long):

Once you have found a time that works best for we will email you some online forms to complete before your appointment. (No printing required.)

On the first visit the doctor will:

-Take a complete history, including current symptoms, past injuries and persistent problems. Your work, posture, hobbies, previous injuries, exercise and lifestyle will all be covered. (The doctor’s are both very easy to talk to so please ask any questions that are on your mind.)

-Discuss your health goals. i.e. increased flexibility, returning to a favourite sport, decreased pain at work, better sleep etc. 

-Perform a thorough, painless physical examination — postural, orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic. They will explain their findings to you during and after the exam. Most patients find this part the most fasicnating as the doctor points out things about your body, and explains how they are tied to your symptoms. 

If x-rays are necessary, they will be recommended at this point. (If you have an Ontario health card there is no fee for the Xrays). They are taken at any of the 5 London Xray locations. Your Xrays will be uploaded to our system within 24 hrs, there is no need for you to pick them up.

The doctors know that you want to feel better quickly. If they’re able to begin any adjustments to provide relief on this appointment they will. If it is best to wait for your Xrays they will provide you with action steps you can begin at home whenever possible. 

Follow up appointment/Xray review

In many cases we will begin treatment on this day.

If you have been sent for Xrays we will review your X-rays and discuss the cause of your symptoms. Patients are always shown their own x-rays and are encouraged to ask questions.

Before beginning any care we ensure you understand what caused your issues explain what needs to be done, go over how long it will take for you to start to feel better (often quicker than people expect) and discuss what you can do to ensure symptoms don’t return.

Whether you have symptoms that are keeping you from feeling your best, or want to achieve optimum health and wellness, we will ensure your care is personalized and effective.

We’re looking foward to meeting you!

We’re always happy to help out on the phone if that is most convenient! 519 642 7800. To email us directly please use the form below.