Dr. Jamie Neely

“I have been a patient of Dr. Neely’s for over 20 years . The knowledge he possesses, and the ability to get to the root of my issues and help me feel better keeps me coming back.”

Laurie Cushman

Owner, OK Tire

My Story

I found chiropractic like so many other people…after trying everything else. From birth, I was faced with one health challenge after the next. I was born six weeks premature and had a long stay in an oxygen tent. After that my childhood was a long list of ailments i.e. allergies to just about everything, asthma, nasal polyps, hernias, appendicitis and some others I’m sure I’ve forgotten.

I grew up in Stratford where hockey is part of childhood. I loved playing but soon it became clear that I couldn’t breathe well on the ice. The asthma symptoms were triggered by the cold. I was wheezing, had to take frequent breaks and eventually was left behind. I can still picture how frustrated I felt watching my friends play as I sat on the bench and tried to breathe.

It was when I was introduced to a chiropractor at the age of ten that things began to turn around. I could breathe better, play sports and stop using my inhalers except for very occassionally. 

I’ll never forget how I felt when my chiropractor finally explained why my body was acting the way it was. It made sense.

What he taught me and the hope it gave me is the driving force for my practice to this day. My practice is now centered on finding ways to ensure every patient heals and gets back to doing what they love… and finding ways to take them to new levels! 



Dr. Jamie Neely understands that within us is a place from where healing comes, from where our energy spills out and from where our creativity expresses itself. Unfortunately, the slips and falls of childhood, the daily stresses and the pollutants in our environment can cloud over and prevent ‘that place’ from keeping us productive for ourselves, our families and our community.

Over the last twenty years, Dr. Neely has developed techniques and methods to re -establish health and healing back to its rightful place in the forefront of our lives. By doing so we avoid sickness and disease, stay present to enjoy our families, stay productive at work and generally express the best of what we have to offer the world. A healthy, vibrant life is an inside job.

Whether you are a father or mother looking to do the best for your family or an employer looking to keep your employees healthy, Dr. Neely can provide the starting point through his seminars or in his private practice.

Dr. Neely is a wellness expert and speaks regularly on a variety of health topics. He is a trained facilitator of the Demartini method. Dr. Neely is widely sought after by corporations, school boards and community service groups for his entertaining insights into wellness. He is the author of Stress to Success and Breakthrough Secrets.

He lives in London with his wife Dr. Laina Shulman and their two children.